Are you searching for the best solution for your Pharma business growth? Do you need accurate information about new Pharma market trends? Are you seaching for a way to improve relationship with your customers? Do you want to change a manual data entry to an automatic data transfer?

SoftDent concentrates on servicing the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Explore our products that could help you gain the business insights that will propel your company’s revenue and business growth.

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PharmaCODE is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for pharmaceutical representative company. This application is a combination of newest technologies and our experience gathered singe 1998 developing, supporting and maintaining our software for customers all over the world. PharmaCODE was designed especially for pharmaceutical representative companies considering all the work specifics of these organisations. Users can have a quick and easy way to capture, track and store key aspects of customer relationship, sales and marketing activities. Moreover it is easy to keep up with the latest with PharmaCODE mobile version. It is a helpful aid for various roles in each pharmaceutical representative company: sales representatives, managers, data analysts and accountants.

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PharmaZOOM allows you to gather, analyse, and forecast, not only sales data of your own representative suppliers but also that of your competitors. Tenacious work of SoftDent young professionals and reflection on clients' demands provide accurate and up to date information. PharmaZOOM allows you to measure sales force effectiveness, group reps and clients by territory, compare targets and follow achieved sales results.

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Foxus system provides a possibility to store patient and medical chart data in electronic format. Using this system you can: ensure fast and easy access to the necessary data; save time spent on documentation processing; increase effectiveness of internal processes; improve quality of provided services. Foxus was designed using newest technologies and international standards of healthcare software development. Our solution ensures simple operation support, easy functionality extension and the possibility of integration with other systems

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Emetry - remote healthcare system that allows to ensure patient data availability to medical staff and relatives. Using this innovative automated solution, patient health indicators and their changes can be monitored in real time. Measurement data is collected and can be analyzed. Information is being applied to find the best treatment or disease prevention.

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Business intelligence (BI) solution that allows to monitor the changes in market data and analyze it by the interactive visuals. Dynamic reports, dashboards and data export possibilities helps to share insights, adjust a range of solutions and make better business decisions. pharma.CITY allows performing full-scale pharma market analysis based on regularly updating market data of the various data sources. 

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eScroll - a new marketing channel to reach physicians. It not only allows to deliver the relevant information related to the medical products you represent; to inform about ongoing conferences and seminars your company organize; to strengthen the impression of your products presented during face-to-face meeting, but also it is a physicians' education by providing the latest medical and pharmaceutical information. 

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The Genetic Health Passport

Genes encode a lot of information about us - appearance, tendency to disease or obesity, endurance, aging processes, even character traits. In a genetic test, information about a person's DNA obtained from a saliva sample identifies all known genetic variants related to human health.

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